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  • Thousands of brochures with your business listing distributed throughout the city
  • A web listing with telling customers what you do
  • 24/7 Web advertising bringing people to your listing
  • Events calendar--Tell people when you are having events, sales, specials
  • Unlimited access to your web listing, change it whenever you want
  • CHEAP! $150 gets you in the brochure and on the website

We will print and distribute thousands of tri-fold brochures listing your business throughout the area! Your listing has all the essential information that someone needs to find your establishment. It also helps direct people to the Park Slope area as well as the web site allowing them even MORE information like events and menu items. MORE INFO...

We have built the all-new to be the best, most comprehensive business-listing site in the city. allows you to log in and change your listing, your menu, or up-coming events at your establishment--no other site offers anything like it! We also run constant advertisements for the site on sites like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, guaranteeing traffic to the site. With an advanced listing we will even run ads specifically for your business. MORE INFO...


Website Only Listings
Don't want to be in the brochure? Don't pay for it! For less than $100/yr you can be listed on the website and benefit from everything it has to offer.

Brochure and Simple Website Listing
Whenever you are listed in our brochure, you are automatically include on our website. We distribute at least 5,000 brochures to the places around the city that will attract customers to your business. Your listing on the website will look like the one above. You can link to your existing website (if you have one) and also a menu/specials list can be attached to your listing. The listing will also show on our interactive map making it easy for people to find you. You can log in to your listing at anytime and make changes to anything at anytime and changes will be posted immediately

Brochure and Advanced Website Listing
You will receive all of the benefits of the Brochure and Simple website listing with a larger, dedicated website listing. This listing is a full-page ad that includes up to 5 pictures of your choosing (including logo) and advanced information about your business including multi-page menus, specials, and specific events listing. We will run ads specifically for your business on web giants like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN directing people right to your Advanced Website Listing.

Brochure and Your Own .com Website
Our most cost-effective campaign. You will receive all of the benefits of the Brochure and Advanced Website listing, but your business will get their very own website ( Choose from 5 templates and 100's of different colour schemes. Your site can have up to 5 pages and 10 pictures. Your site will be listed at the top of the category on our site and we will constantly run ads on the large web portals.

Full Web Design Services
The developer of, Axiom Design Group, is a full-service multimedia design agency. Axiom has developed websites large and small, from a beautiful Flash site showing of your company to a full-featured web store. We can develop anything that your business needs. And any contract signed with Axiom Design Group for web development will include the great marketing features of For more information contact us or visit the Axiom Design Group website to look at our portfolio.

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