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onparkslope » advertising strategies List your Park Slope business!   
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You're Lookin' at it!
  • Browse this working demo site to see what it has to offer
  • We will advertise this site on Google, AOL, MSN and YAHOO! 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • You can change your listing at any time just by logging in
  • Upload menus and specials that will be attached to your listing, for all to view
  • Maximize your listing by getting a full page ad, or your own .com site
  • Have your listing point to an existing website!
  • Post your upcoming events in the Events Calendar
  • It's CHEAP! $100 gets you on the website
Benefits of Web Advertising:

Web sites are expensive to build, maintain and promote. Remember that there are BILLIONS of web pages on the internet today... How is someone going to find yours?

We have built a complete marketing solution: Brochures bring people to your business and this web site. Web advertisements on major sites like Google, AOL, MSN and Yahoo! also bring people to this web site. Each web listing gives people information about your business that they need and can direct them to your own web site, if you have one, or to a new site that we can build for you.

We have made a bid decision easy: Spending $150 on a brochure and web site listing just makes sense. Its cheap and effective. Sign up today or give us a call for more information.

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