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All Classified ads can be posted free of charge.

NOTE:You must provide a valid email address. Before posting your ad we will send you an email that you must reply to in order for the ad to be posted. We will not sell or use your email address for any other purpose.

Attention AOL Users: AOL is blocking the conformation email, and you will not receive it. We have contacted AOL on several occasions to remedy this situation to no avail. We suggest following the steps below, contacting AOL directly or posting ads using a non-AOL email address.

Please Choose Type of ad:
  • For Sale
  • Real Estate

  • AOL - Missing Mail If AOL members are not receiving your email and you are not receiving a bounce back from us there are steps you can take to help correct the problem.

    Have the AOL member check their spam folder.

    When email contains certain characteristics or the member has previously marked the mail as spam it will cause the email to go directly into their Spam Folder. If the email is in the Spam Folder have the member add the sending email address to their address book. This will prevent your mail from going to the spam folder. (For members who are using an older version of America Online please see the next step.)

    Have the AOL member add the sending email address to their address book.

    If a member has ever signed on to AOL 9.0 a Spam Folder was automatically created for them. If the member is no longer using AOL 9.0 mail may still go to the Spam Folder, but may not be available to previous versions of AOL. The member can add the sending email address to their address book which will prevent it from going to the Spam Folder. To be sure that your email is going to the Spam Folder they can use web mail at to check the Spam Folder.

    If the member has added your email address to their address book or the email is not in the Spam Folder please
    contact AOL for further assistance.

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